World Bank Group, Washington DC, April 2018

Songs For The Uprooted

An impromptu prelude performance by Musica Aperta bringing to the forefront the issues of Refugees, Internally Displaced People and Immigration

Nano Raies
Ignacio Alcover cello
Paolo Schianchi guitar

Fleeing Acheronte by Paolo Schianchi
Sonya Chung violin
Ignacio Alcover cello
Mark Carson drums

Improvisation on a Turkish Theme (Koyunbaba) by Paolo Schianchi
Paolo Schianchi guitar

Del Rey by Jon Balke
Jennifer Kim, Sonya Chung, Regino Madrid, Tiffany Richardson violin
Ignacio Alcover, Danielle Cho cello
Paolo Schianchi guitar
Mark Carson percussion

Toru Dodo piano
Liberty Ellman guitar
Sonya Chung, Regino Madrid violin
Tiffany Richardson viola
Ignacio Alcover cello

Tarek Yamani Trio (jazz/afro-tarab)
Tarek Yamani piano
Russell Hall bass
Jean John drums

DeggJ Force 3 Darryl Hunt keyboards Paul Henry bass Mark Carson drums Jennifer Kim violin Tiffany Richardson viola Ignacio Alcover, Danielle Cho cello

Songs for the Uprooted is curated and produced by Musica Aperta.
Ignacio Alcover and Paolo Schianchi executive producers.

String Arrangements for SOMI, Toru Dodo
String Arrangements for DeggJ Force 3, Paolo Schianchi

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