Teamwork and Conducting Leadership Seminars are back!

Fall 2022 presentations at The Abshire- Inamore Leadership Academy at The Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington DC and at Deloitte Consulting in Arlington, Virginia sparked joy and insights as each participant conducted the musicians of Musica Aperta.

In this 90-minute workshop/concert and via music and conducting exercises, attendees experience a musical mirror of outside work environments and learn a deeper understanding of universal leadership themes.

The workshop “Teamwork and Conducting Leadership” was originally produced by Ignacio Alcover, Scott Morgan and ma)(4 String Quartet. It is a highly interactive and revealing workshop intended for no more than ten participants.

The Workshop

Part One: the concert

In Part One of the workshop, ma)(4 performs a selected piece of chamber music. The movement is then dissected with the following topics in mind:

  • Who leads and when?
  • Fluidity of leadership
  • Supporting roles and accompaniment

Part Two: the conductor

Part Two begins with the role of the conductor. Does the position require a strong leader, a large ego, a facilitator, a teacher, a tyrant, a psychologist? How are these traits balanced? What about the influence of intuition and improvisation?

Part Three: the debrief

In Part Three Scott Morgan and Adrienne Serkin, personal leadership and communicator instructors facilitate the debrief. A frank discussion of personal strengths or challenges and written follow-up assignments will be the last step of the Teamwork and Conducting Leadership Seminar.

It was really moving for all of us to go from the intended music into leadership and the reflection (in the musicians) of our own leadership style.

It does empower you as an individual!

Capricia Marshall, Atlantic Council

It's not about the power, it's about the communication, it's about the emotions you bring to something, It's about the human piece of leadership.

Edith P. Quintrell, The World Bank Group

Communicating back and forth really does impact the final product and how they're performing is really a direct result of how you're leading!

Sara Jackson, Oracle