Our contributors

We need you!

Musica Aperta is a hybrid concert music and performance group, unique in the Washington DC area. Ticket sales cover less than half of our production costs.

Therefore, we depend on private contributions from generous patrons, foundations and corporations. Musica Aperta is a 501(C)(3) non-profit organizaton and donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please give generously. To learn about supporting Musica Aperta or to join our mailing list, contact us at musicaaperta@musicaaperta.org or at:


Musica Aperta
6635 Fairfax Road
Chevy Chase, MD 20815



We hope to see you at our up-coming performances.

Musica Aperta would like to especially thank the following institutions and individuals for their generous and vital support:

Embassy of Spain
Jaleo Restaurants
José Andrés
Kay Chernush
Margaret and Terry Lenzner
Sheldon Lippman
Pietro Schechter
Carlos Westendorp & Amaya De Miguel

Musica Aperta would also like to thank all of its Supporters.

Jaleo Restaurants
Margaret and Terry Lenzner
Patricia Fernández de la Cruz and José Ramón Andrés
Istituto Italiano di Cultura
Paulina Beato and Julio Viñuela
David A. Cooney
Maryse Gautier Amiot
Anna and Alessandro Leipold
Concepción de Montagut and
Gumersindo Oliveros
Amber Scholtz and Eric Fox
Mercedes Rubio and William Bockay
Catherine Rush
Stephen M. Shapiro
Carr and Maggie Stogner
Grazia Atanasio and Nadin Kyriakos-Saad
Charlotte Bonilla and Rao Kishore
Patricia and Gianni Brizzi
Margarita Cereijido
Kay Chernush and Lee Rosner
Ronald Costell and Marsha Swiss
Pierre Duquesne and Christine Mengin
Edgar Edelsack and Charolotte Nusberg
Veronica Slajer and Jack Ferguson
Anne Fleming
Izette Folger
Julia and Carlos Gabel
Yolanda Garay and Francisco Ruiz
Emma and Efraín Paesky Garmendia
Michael Giacolone
Barbara Gordon
Maria Elena Gutierrez
Andrea L. Hatfield
Steven and Keiko Kaplan
Kent Killelea
John and Edith H. Kuhnle
Robert La France and Areli Marina
Lori Laitman and Bruce Rosenblum
Helen and Bill Large
Lucretia Laudi and Julian Hunt
Barbara and Robert Liotta
Sheldon Lippman and John
Thais and Alexander Mark
Belén Martínez-Carbonell
Pilar Sanchez Nuñez and José María Sumpsi
General William Odon and Anne
Edward Owen
Liana Paredes
Marius and Adriana Radulescu
Victoria Rogers
Bruce Rosenblum and Lori laitman Rosenblum
Meryle Secrest and Thomas Beveridge
Luis Serven and Pepa Leon
Cora Shaw and Bernard Veuthey
Tony and Lisa Shelley
Linda and Gerald Stern
Dolores Subiza
Nancy Tartt
Charles and Susan Temkin
Hani Thariani and Ladan Basiri
Juan Uriagereka
Robin and Robert Wilder
Julia Alcover
Sandra Bainum
Esperanza Berrocal
Hans Bruland
Mariela Cacho
Ethan Carson
Michael Crawford
Federica Dal Bono
Linda Douglass
Eleanor Dunn
Sylviane Experton
Máximo and Sedigh Flügelman
Pablo and Elena Güiraldes
Ann Hamilton
Kevin Haley Máximo and Sedigh Flügelman
Pablo and Elena Güiraldes
Ann Hamilton
Kevin Haley
Kay Kendall
Peggy Liss
Edward and Tessa McBride
Patricia Meyers
Jilma Prada
Maddalena Ragusin
Rodrigo Rato
Chantal Reliquet
Judith Richards Hope
Pietro and Rosa Schechter
José Solis
Leigh Sontheimer
Martín Stiglio
Maria Subiza
John The Losen
Rev. Stephanie Vader
Julia Watson