About Musica Aperta

Musica Aperta - Latin for “Open Music”- is a performance arts ensemble that presents music in concert with other arts and media. Its objective is to enhance the experience of music for all audiences by transcending the traditional notion of the musical concert. Our productions entertain and excite by performing music along side complementary art forms such as drama, dance, the visual arts, poetry and even the culinary arts.

The Interior Castle Trailer

Musica Aperta makes music and musical composition more accessible and “alive” to diverse audiences: public school children, casual concert goers, and classical music aficionados. Our belief is that music is relevant to all of us and that the barriers to a deeper experience of music – such as the formality and protocol of the concert – can be transcended by the innovation, energy and openness we bring to our performances.

Since 2002 Musica Aperta has performed at numerous Washington DC venues, including the Shakespeare Theatre and the National Galley of Art. Two of its original shows, mystics in 2010 and The Interior Castle, in 2015 had US tours. In April 2018 Musica Aperta also curated, produced and performed the concert Songs for the Uprooted in support of the art exhibition: UPROOTED, The resilience of refugees and displaced people and host communities at the Annual Meetings of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Musica Aperta is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C. Since ticket sales cover less than half of our production costs, we rely on organizational and corporate co-sponsorship and tax-deductible contributions from supporters of the performing arts. To donate or learn more please email