An original production of Musica Aperta Based on texts by Saint John of the Cross and Rosalia de Castro

Created by Ignacio Alcover and Juan Uriagereka

Directed by Pedro Boixeda
Script Juan Uriagereka and Ignacio Alcover
Textual Treatment and English Synopsis Juan Uriagereka
Lighting Gordon Anson
Sound John Conway
Executive Director Robert Wight
Artistic Director Ignacio Alcover


Music & Photo Montage

Originally premiering in October 2008 at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. and co-sponsored by the Embassy of Spain, Mystics is a stirring musical and theatrical performance inspired by the Spanish mystics. The show blends poetry from the Spiritual Canticle written by St. John of the Cross during his imprisonment in Toledo, Spain in the 16th century with music from a variety of composers reaching back to medieval Magister Perotinus and Spanish Renaissance composer Cristóbal de Morales. These works are musically juxtaposed with Arvo Pärt’s contemporary minimalism, whose purity of expression is also reminiscent of Saint John’s language and works by Henryk Góreki. The drama plays out as actors portray St. John as prisoner and his guard, who undergoes a transformative experience as he witnesses the poetry of his captive. With the additional support of the Foreign Ministry of Spain, Mystics was performed in San Juan, Miami, San Francisco and Boston in the first half of 2010.

Musica Aperta


Fermí Reixach (Washington DC, 2008)
Manolo Santalla (US Tour 2010)
Scott Morgan


Violin James Stern and Joel Fuller (2008)
Yvonne Lam and Eva Cappelletti Chao (2010)
Viola Philippe Chao
Cello Ignacio Alcover
Soprano Rosa Lamoreaux
Piano Kathryn Brake and Haskell Small
Saxophone David Jones
National Gallery Vocal Arts Ensemble (2008)

Scenes and Music Program

Scene #1

The Prisoner

“La Música Callada” for piano. No. 1 and 2.
Federico Mompou

Scene #2

Entrance of the guard

“ Quasi una Fantasia” String Quartet No. 2
II. Deciso-Energico; Furioso. Tranquilo-Mesto
Henryk Górecki

Scene #3


“La Música Callada” for piano. No. 17 and 21
Federico Mompou

Scene #4

At the fountain

Beata Viscera for countertenor and saxophone
Magister Perotinus

Scene #5

Back to prison life

“ Quasi una Fantasia” String Quartet No. 2
IV. Allegro- Sempre con grande passione e molto marcato;
Lento-Tranquillissmo Henryk Górecki

Scene #6


“Fur Allina” for piano
Arvo Pärt

Scene #7


“Lúa Dscolorida” for soprano and piano
(set to the poem by Rosalía de Castro)
Osvaldo Golijov

Scene #8


“…songs are sung” String Quartet No. 3
IV. Deciso-Espressivo ma ben tenuto
Henryk Górecki

Scene #9

The plan

“Spiegel im Spiegel” for violin or viola or cello and piano
Arvo Pärt

Scene #10


“Cantar del Alma” for voice and piano
(set to poem by San Juan de le Cruz)
Federico Mompou

Scene #11

A prisoner

“Parce Mihi Domine for vocal and instrumental ensemble
Cristóbal de Morales

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